CREMER whistleblowing system

As a traditional family-owned company, CREMER represents trust and integrity. Each and every employee is responsible for proper conduct, compliance and fair play. We promote an open corporate culture and want our employees to feel safe when seeking advice.

Hence it is important for us to know about potential misconduct so we can track the issue, investigate and resolve it.

Thus we encourage all employees, customers and business partners to contact us via this whistleblowing system in a protected space if you wish to report any incidents or concerns in the context of potential misconduct. You may choose to stay anonymous if preferred. We will check every report carefully, track it consistently and report back as swiftly as possible. Our whistleblowing system safeguards both the whistleblower and the party concerned. Any information provided will be kept strictly confidential and will be processed swiftly and conscientuously.

Before filing, please make sure your report is as precise and comprehensible as possible to allow appropriate processing. Please provide details on: Who was involved? What happened? When did it happen? Where did it happen? How did it happen?

When report has been filed, a report key will be generated. Please copy the key and keep it on file securely. You can use this key to log back in to the system subsequently and track your report.

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